Hay Rides

What to expect

  • 45 minute ride through the park- flatbed and bench
  • 30 minute ride (antique)- pulled by 1 horse
  • Wagon is pulled by a team of horses
  • Recreational fires with picnic tables are offered either the hour prior to or following your ride for just $25. If you do wish to reserve a fire with your ride here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Outlets are available to plug in hot drinks during your ride, but the hot pots/crock pots must be taken out to your fire afterwards if you have not rented the community room.
    • Throw away or take home all your trash. 
    • Please remember to bring your own roasting sticks – do not pull any branches off our trees!


Flatbed Wagon

  • One wagon can accommodate up to 35 people if it is a combination of kids and adults. If your group is larger than that, we will take multiple wagons out.
  • $100 +tax for 11 people or less
    $9/person for 11 or more, plus tax
  • Two years old and under free!
  • Straw is provided
BPS LL bench.jpg

Bench Wagon

  • great for smaller groups

  • can hold up to 14 people.

  • $150 + tax

  • We only have one benched wagon so book early!

One-Horse Flatbed

  • New vehicle as of winter 2020!

  • $75.00 + tax

  • 30 minute ride

  • drawn by 1 horse

  • Perfect for a single household 

    • 4 person or 680 pound load max.

    • 2 kids, 2 adults ideal


  • Reservations are required. Call!  

  • A $50 deposit is required upon making the reservation

    • This is refundable if Cancellation policy is followed​

Feel free to print out the Hay/ Sleigh Ride Liability Waiver prior to your reservation!

Cancellation Policy

  • Last minute cancels must be made by 8:00 the morning of your reservation in order to to reschedule.

  • You must cancel one week in advance to receive a refund

  • Any changes to your reservation must be made one week prior to your reservation day

    • this may include; time adjustments, final numbers.

  • Weather: final changes can be made up to 4 hours prior to your scheduled time.

    • Please be in good communication if weather is looking inclement.

  • For Multiple Racks Only: If the number of people becomes less than required for the number of racks reserved (35 for hay rides, 25 for sleigh rides), you will be charged $100 for the unneeded rack.