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Riding Lessons

  • Our lesson program is designed to teach students the basics of western riding.
  • We offer lessons starting at age 5 up through 17.
  • Weekly lessons are 1 hour long.
  • We try to keep our lessons to a 6 students/1 instructor ratio to ensure individual attention
  • Students will ride different horses from our program to expand their riding ability.
  • Lessons are offered in both session and year-round formats. See below for details on each offering.

Lesson Sessions

Ages 8-17
*prices vary by session length
  • Sessions are the beginning of our lesson program. They are designed to give students a taste of the sport before making the commitment to our regular lesson program.
  • All new students must complete at least one session before being admitted our regular group lessons.
  • Sessions typically range from 6-8 weeks and are offered throughout the year.
  • You will be added to a waitlist and once we contact you, you will have 24 hours to respond.
  • Add our email and phone number to your contacts so you do not miss it.
  • Students will learn safety, grooming, tacking, leading, mounting/dismounting, and the basics of how to control a horse while riding.
  • *Please note: The first lesson of every session will be spent on the ground with an emphasis on safety; getting students comfortable working around our horses.
Session availability is not advertised online. Please call our office to inquire about starting in a session!

Group Lessons

Ages 8-17
$175/4 lessons
  • Our group lesson are a step up from lesson sessions. Once a student has completed at least 1 session, they can be put on a waitlist to enter our regular group lessons.

  • Group lessons are an on-going program that goes year-round. Once a student has a spot, it is their’s to keep until they decide to stop riding.

  • Lessons are offered at varies times slots throughout the week.

  • Lessons will build on skills learned from sessions. Instructors advance students at an individual pace as they master new skills. Safety will always be out #1 priority, so students will not be allowed or asked to perform a skill that an instructor does not deem them ready for.

Expectations: Group lessons are a higher commitment level than sessions, so we ask that families and students be serious about continuing their riding education before enrolling.

  • Students can not miss more than 3 lessons in a quarter. 

  • Due to the high demand for group lessons, a student will have to pay for any lesson missed beyond 3 per quarter or forfeit their spot.

Peewee Lessons

  • Peewee lessons are designed with young riders in mind

  • Lessons are offered during the summer on select days and times

  • Lessons are 1 hour long:​​​

    • Half the time is spent grooming and saddling their own horses, with help from our instructors​.

    • The other half is spent riding and working on new skills

Peewee lesson availability is not advertised online. Please call our office to inquire about signing up for this program!

Ages 5-7
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